Amputation/Loss of Limb Compensation Claims

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Amputation claims come in different forms from loosing a leg to loosing a toe or finger. No matter which part of the limb is lost, the results of the amputation can be devastating for the individual. The consequences of the amputation are so far-reaching, that it can take a life-time for the individual to fully recover. The level of time and care that will be needed will depend on the individual situation and the coping mechanisms of the individual concerned. If you have been victim to this, whether or not you will be able to make a claim will depend on how you lost your limb.

Traumatic amputation

Traumatic amputation occurs when someone loses a limb during a serious accident. This can occur in a road traffic accident, at work, or in a motorbike accident. These injuries can be complete, or even partial where some soft tissue remains, however the body part is completely crushed. In order to make a personal injury claim it will be necessary to be able to demonstrate that someone else was wholly or partially responsible for the amputation taking place.

Making a surgical error claim

As with other surgical procedures, unfortunately complications can occur which can sometimes lead to an amputation of a limb for the patient. On other occasions a surgeon might remove a limb on the basis that it is causing a awesome deal of pain for the individual or is even threatening their health. The patient can make a claim based on both the surgical error and the amputation.


Arguably the most devastating form of medical negligence is wrongful limb amputation. These are in extreme cases where limbs have been amputated due to misdiagnosis. On some occasions, the wrong limb has been amputated. The patient is likely to feel a multitude of emotions under these devastating circumstances, and will find it hard to cope. The patient will have to prove that the limb that was amputated was not putting their body at risk.

Suffering the loss of a limb through a terrible accident or through a surgeon’s catastrophic mistake can lead to life-altering changes for the individual. If you have been a victim to all of this, you are likely to be feeling quite stressful about how you will cope emotionally and financially.

Some people find it difficult to continue in their course of employment, and others feel it is necessary to have an extended resting period in order to fully rehabilitate. If you feel that you have suffered a loss of a limb due to an accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation.

Our specialist solicitors will examine your case with sympathy and sensitivity. We are deeply aware of the traumatising effects such a loss can have on the individual.

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