Answers To Commonly Asked Questions About Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer In Surrey

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For most accident victims, the idea of hiring a personal injury lawyer in Surrey comes with a lot of different questions. After all, many individuals will only work with this type of lawyer once in their entire life. Consequently, it is quite normal to expect that you will have a lot of questions concerning whether or not hiring one of these lawyers is truly the best option for you. Today I would like to help answer some of those questions by offering you the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the decision to hire a personal injury lawyer in Surrey.   

Question 1: Can the insurance company penalize me for my decision to retain a personal injury lawyer in Surrey?    Answer: Your right to retain counsel is protected by law. This means that an insurance company can not penalize you in any way for your decision to hire a personal injury lawyer to represent your interest. In fact, if the insurance company attempts to lower your benefits due to the fact that you have retained legal counsel, this illegal action on their behalf could constitute grounds for an additional lawsuit.    

Question 2: How can hiring a personal injury lawyer in Surrey help me to get more compensation for my case?    Answer: One of the biggest problems that many accident victims encounter when attempting to settle their accident claim on their own is that the victim and the insurance company simply are not speaking the same language. While the accident victim is speaking out of emotion, the insurance company is speaking in terms of legal liability. Hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent you will ensure that the facts of your case are presented in a way that the insurance company can not dispute. More importantly, they will be able to present these facts in a way which clearly spells out the exact amount of their financial obligations.    

Question 3: What if I was injured while I was on vacation, will hiring a personal injury lawyer in Surrey still be beneficial to me?    Answer: If you were injured in a different jurisdiction than the one you live in, it is always best to hire a personal injury lawyer in the area where your accident occurred. There are two reasons behind this advice. The first is that you will likely be dealing with an insurance company which is located in the area where the accident occurred. This means that the lawyer you hire will need to have first-hand knowledge of that insurance company’s procedures. Secondly, you will need to ensure that the lawyer you hire has legal grounds to practice law in the jurisdiction in which your case will be heard.    

Question 4: Is there a limit on the amount of time I will have to hire a personal injury lawyer to represent me?    Answer: While there is no law which mandates how long you have to hire a personal injury lawyer, there are laws which limit the amount of time you will have to file a personal injury claim after your accident. In most cases this limitation will allow you 2 years to file your claim after the date of your original accident. Considering it can take several weeks for your lawyer to prepare the necessary petitions to file with the court, you will not want to wait until this deadline gets too close before making your final decision as to whether or not you will hire an attorney to pursue your case. In general, it is always best to provide your attorney with a three month time period before the statute of limitations on your case expires in order to ensure there are no mistakes made due to a looming deadline.

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