Different Forms of Emotional Abuse as Psychological Injury

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The primary role of personal injury lawyers is to legally assist claimants who suffered an injury due to another party’s negligence. An injury can either be physical or psychological both of which can be experienced in the workplace, in sports activities, or in cases like vehicular accidents and medical malpractice, among others. One form of psychological injury is emotional abuse, which in itself takes different forms. Listed below are some of them.


Although criticism itself can be healthy and an avenue for growth, too much of it can greatly affect a person in a negative way. Unnecessary criticism can impact self-esteem and form psychological defenses, and some psychologists refer to it as a “silent psychological disease”. If you are always being bombarded with too much criticism that it has become difficult for you to function efficiently particularly in the workplace, better consult a personal injury attorney.


Threats are damaging because they are simply proposed actions, not performed ones, yet they invoke feelings of fear and apprehension. Threats can range from subtle, to overt, to aggressive. Whether your boss is giving hints on possibly firing you if you don’t succumb to office politics or an anonymous identity is sending you death threat calls, a personal injury lawyer knows how to effectively handle such threats.


Intimidation goes hand in hand with threats. A person who intimidates may use coercion to get what he or she wants, appear “untouchable”, give punishments such as poor evaluations and unreasonable disciplinary actions, and even use physical size or strength to gain respect and obedience. An Oakland personal injury attorney can help deal with cases of all kinds of intimidation.

Sexual Pressure

Sexual pressure is one of the worst forms of emotional abuse, because it not only affects a person psychologically but can chain a person physically as well. A person is coerced to engage in sexual activity with someone as a way for the former to get what he or she wants. There are cases of bosses who force their subordinate to have sex with them, and if you are in this powerless situation, seek the help of a Bay Area personal injury lawyer to end the fear.


Humiliation involves making fun or degrading a person in front of other people. Office bullying is one form of humiliation, and this can be very destructive to any individual. Whether is verbal or through actions, humiliation can cause much harm to a person’s self valuing and image. Oakland personal injury attorneys can help address the humiliation problems you are facing and help you put a stop to it.

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