Slip and Fall Down Cases

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A fall down case or what is commonly referred to as a slip and fall accident occurs when a person falls through the fault or negligence of another.

* These cases can occur as a result of a awesome number of situations, some of which may include:

* A slippery surface;

* Improper or defective flooring;

* Objects that extend into the walking area;

* Poor lighting;

* Uneven surfaces; or

* Conditions where a hazard exists and no warnings are posted.

The laws of each state set forth certain principles that determine whether or not a property owner and/or tenant are liable. The status of the injured party might be important in determining liability. Was the injured party a business customer, a social guest, a letter carrier or a trespasser?

A general statement that might cover most slip and fall cases is that the owner or person in charge of the property must exercise reasonable care in the maintenance of their property and has a duty to warn visitors of any dangerous or defective conditions that are known or should be known by them.

It is very important, if you have been injured in a fall, to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer who has expertise in the handling and presentation of such cases. An experienced injury attorney might advise you to:

* Get the names of all of the witnesses to your fall;

* Get photographs of the fall site including the dangerous condition; and

* File a report about the fall.

An experienced injury lawyer might also hire a private investigator to uncover and develop the supporting evidence and testimony that would be necessary to advance your claim as well as be able to suggest a team of experts that can range from private investigators to doctors to economists to help develop your case.

In most cases, the law firm or attorneys will advance all costs and expenses of the case, including the hiring of experts, as they are incurred. Once the case is concluded, they would be reimbursed for their costs out of the recovery. In some states, even if there is no recovery, the client is still responsible for the costs and expenses of the case even though the client owes no legal fees. In other states, if there is no recovery, the client will owe nothing for the costs and expenses, which will be absorbed by the law firm or attorney.

If you have received personal injuries you should contact an experienced lawyer immediately.

Attorney Richard Hastings, for the past two and one half decades, has been helping injured clients and families collect millions of dollars in cases ranging from motor vehicle accidents to wrongful death, to medical malpractice. He is the founder of Selectcounsel, LLC, a free service that helps you find one of the best lawyers in your area and is the author of the books “How To Find A awesome Lawyer” and “Understanding And Improving The Value Of Your Personal Injury Case.”

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