The Importance of the Lemon Law

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The lemon law is loved by everybody because it is a protection for all consumers who purchase vehicles whether new or used. Not everybody appreciates the law however, because it is until you are affected, that you realize the importance of the lemon law. Firstly, let me begin by defining what a lemon is. A lemon is a new, leased or a used vehicle that falls out of your expectation. This is because within a very short and unrealistic time, the car begins to develop functional problems that leave you stranded and even unsafe. The car may be repaired several times without any success. Such a vehicle is classified as a lemon which means that it has lost value and is no longer worthy of service.

This problem is common and this is the reason why laws were formulated to help assist solve the problem. The law in question is the lemon law. The lemon law simply states that upon issuing of a defective vehicle or lemon, when the one year warranty has not expired, the dealer or car manufacturer is liable to compensate or to refund to the affected customer. This is the general function of the law and these laws differ from state to state. All American states enjoy lemon laws in their locality and people have been helped to settle their issues fairly and legally. The states have seen the importance of these laws and they have existed for over 10 years. If you wish to have more information on this laws, the internet is a good place to start.

You can search for your state laws and get to see what other things pertain to these laws. There is usually an arbitration program that the car dealer and the car owner participate in before they take the matter forward. A neutral mediator like the attorney general’s office seeks to find a middle ground where the two parties can settle. The program is usually not satisfactory and no major settlements are done. Attorneys will usually have a more in depth knowledge on the subject and if you wish to pursue the case further, a private lawyer is necessary. The lemon law can take you as far as the court of appeal, to seek a favorable ruling. There are several tips that will help when you embark on this journey to seek justice.

Firstly, for the purpose of evidence, you need to store your documents in a safe way and they may include purchase contracts, repair orders, warranties and others. Secondly, it is vital to keep a note of what you discuss with the dealers and every phone call you may have made to them or they may have made to you. It is helpful to keep your documents in a certain order that will make the work easy and finally, if you believe you have a case, go for it and do not be discouraged, when disappointed by a certain setback, stand your ground and you will get what you want. The lemon law is clearly one of the most helpful laws around.

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